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What to expect from Clascity

Clascity provides equal opportunities to both teachers and students irrespective of the age or sex. However before getting started, you may want to go through the specific terms that applies to using the knowledge-sharing platform.

As a teacher

It is important to note that teachers are NOT hired by Clascity. Consequently, all teachers on the platform are independent and autonomous. This also automatically implies that they hold the right to accept or reject any student they deem fit. However, teachers are encouraged (not required) to submit a background check result.

As a student

Clascity does NOT recommend teachers as they are filtered using their ratings and reviews. Students have the freewill to pick any teacher based primarily on their own judgment.

Finally, Clascity is fully aware of the risk involved in meeting with unfamiliar individuals. As a result, we advise students and teachers to meet at public places for their own safety.