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Hello! I’m Simply English

Josh and Aisyah are the two teachers and owners of Simply English.

As a native of Indonesia, Aisyah grew up bilingual and is familiar with French, Spanish, and Arabic. Her experience with learning languages and teaching has given her insight into helping English learners discover the layers of learning a language and what it takes to encourage learners to take responsibility for their own learning and become “active learners.”

While she has had experience working in different industries, her passion is evident and genuine when it comes to teaching. Aisyah has over 5 years of teaching experience in private language schools in Vancouver, B.C. Prior to moving to Vancouver she was a Reading Interventionist for elementary students at a public school in the U.S. Throughout her journey she has cultivated a relational approach to create the optimal learning experience for teaching English and French to aspiring learners.

Josh’s first experience with another language was studying in the French Immersion program in middle and high school. Years later, while on a ten month backpacking trip of South America, Josh used his knowledge of French to help him learn Spanish on the road. Through his own experience with language learning, he has learned that students learn best when they are taught the skills that can help them think and learn independently.

Josh comes from a family of teachers, and has been teaching in one way or another for his entire adult life. He first entered the teaching world as a swimming instructor, but switched to teaching English in 2016. With over three years experience teaching English in Colombia and Vancouver, he has taught a wide variety of classes. Josh believes in a student centred philosophy, which gives learners as many opportunities to speak as possible. He has recently specialised in test preparation courses, which he approaches with a systematic, step by step process.

Speaking, Writing, Test Preparation for IELTS and CELPIP