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Hello! I’m Shera

Shera Kelly is a music teacher, performer, and singer songwriter in Vancouver BC. She has taught voice and guitar for 9 years, and has been singing and performing for over 15 years. Shera has studied with world class instructors Cheryl Hodge (Paula Cole), Judith Rabinovitch (Sarah Mchlachlan), Laura Landsberg, and Ieva Wool.

Shera is passionate about teaching and performing music as it brings people together, is a creative way to share and experience emotions, and above all, it is fascinatingly fun! Shera delights in assisting her students to find their own unique voices, and the freedom to express themselves musically.

Shera graduated from a Berklee sister school (Selkirk College) for vocal performance. Shera has also had further training in the community choir and leadership program in Victoria BC as well as participating in Jeannette Lovetri's Levels 1-3 Somatic Voicework. She has received Colombia Basin touring and Factor demo grants, and travelled across Canada playing venues ranging from farmers fields and festivals to onboard VIA Rail trains. Shera and her band worked with producer Winston Hauschild (Hannah Georgas, Hey Ocean) to release her first EP “A Bicycle Commuters Anthem”. The EP was warmly received by audiences and critics.

Voice coach, Songwriter, Guitarist