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Hello! I’m Surrinder

- The pleasure of seeing students prosper and accomplish their goals is really priceless.
- I especially find it rewarding when students who find a concept difficult to grasp have that 'light-bulb moment' and suddenly they understand what I am trying to explain.
- Above all else, tutoring and learning should be a fun process!

The most important elements I feel when providing any form of tuition:

- Be patient at all times; not 'label' every student as the same (every student, including myself, learns at their own pace, so I am always guided by their needs)
- Be flexible and adaptable
- Be readily available to give students my undivided attention
- Be able to guide and nurture positively when any student is struggling (NB: mentoring is just as important as tutoring itself)
- I am also aware of my limitations. So, if I don't grasp a concept you don't get either, let's workshop the problem together to come to a solution that the student eventually understands. After all, two brains are better than one!
- With more adult learning, the meaning of 'teacher' and 'student' can become more blurred, as it often implies a huge differential in the knowledge of both parties. I have often been approached by adult learners who would simply like to discuss/brainstorm what may be the best approach to unravelling and tackling the complexities of any question presented to them.

Medicine, Nursing, Healthcare-related subjects, Writing, Blogging, Editing, Fact-checking, English language


Royal Free and University College Medical School

Medicine (MB BS) awarded with Distinction

University of London

Primary Health Care (Hons.)