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Hello! I’m Nitya

Hey guys! Welcome to my page! My name is Nitya, I have excelled in math throughout my entire life. My high school GPA is a 4.0 and I’ve got an 800 on the SAT math section. For SAT math, half of my students achieved a score of 750+ on the exam, while the others scored at least a 650 minimum and a 700 on an average.

I have been tutoring math for the past 4 years, so I am induced with fresh knowledge. I usually tutor students from the 9th grade to the 12th. For this online platform, I will be only tutoring SAT and ACT math. However, I am tutoring many students offline for IGCSE Mathematics and AS/A Level Mathematics as well.

My objective is to help students understand the concepts so that they will be able to crack questions without assumptions. I will provide all the tricks to solve questions quickly, as the SAT is all about time management. I will also share worksheets, prep materials, and many practice tests. Any questions they have, I will be right by their side to help.

I am a charismatic and dependable tutor with 4 years of experience in delivering educational assistance and instruction to various levels of learners. I am committed to providing my students with the necessary tools to achieve academic goals, instilling the love of learning and cooperative teamwork.

So if you are interested, send me a message so I could book a trial class with you!