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Hello! I’m Nitesh

Hello! I'm Nitesh, an experienced tutor with a solid decade of teaching under my belt. My passion for teaching led me to embark on a tutoring journey, focusing primarily on mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

In my extensive tutoring experience, I've specialized in unraveling complex concepts, ensuring students have a clear and accessible understanding of their course material. I've honed my teaching approach to make challenging topics more digestible and manageable for students. My areas of expertise are firmly rooted in Math and Physics, where I excel in providing comprehensive guidance and support.

A firm believer that writing is a skill accessible to all, I am dedicated to demystifying the perception that writing is an exclusive talent. Like any skill, writing can be learned and perfected through consistent practice and guidance. I'm passionate about helping students realize their potential and nurturing their abilities to express themselves effectively through the written word.

Beyond academics, I find immense joy in assisting students in building self-assurance and a genuine curiosity for learning. I eagerly await the opportunity to work with you, to guide you through the fascinating realms of Math, Physics, and Chemistry. If you have any inquiries or doubts about the questions I can address, please feel free to reach out using the messaging feature.

Looking forward to embarking on this educational journey with you, and helping you achieve your academic goals!


Tutor at Tutorme

I prefer one-on-one tutoring and enjoy engaging my students with fun and challenging physics problems. I like to apply physics to real-world situations to allow my students to fully understand the relevance and necessity of knowing and using physics in their everyday lives. I try breaking down the problem in such a manner that the student can easily remember it for longer,


Jiwaji University

M.Sc Physics