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Hello! I’m Nina

I am a private language instructor who specializes in teaching Spanish, German and English to private individuals and corporations online. As someone who has achieved fluency in multiple languages, I understand the challenges faced by my clients, and also how to overcome them.

I was born in Germany and raised in a trilingual household in Victoria, British Colombia. In 2003, I obtained a degree in linguistics and modern languages from the University of Victoria. Through my studies, I learned how to teach proper pronunciation, grammar and cross-cultural communication at a professional level. The additional insights that I gained into the history, culture and literature of many countries have instilled in me a passion for languages that comes through in my work and in the results that my clients achieve.

Teaching since 2002, I’ve had the privilege of helping over 2,000 individuals from a multitude of backgrounds achieve their language goals. These include individuals looking to travel, study, work or live abroad. In addition, I have taught many business professionals in industries such as engineering, mining, social media, forestry and IT.

My self-developed curriculum takes a holistic approach to learning that includes all aspects of language acquisition. The tailored instruction I offer allows individuals to progress from their current level of comprehension as far and as fast as they wish, while focusing specifically on what is important to them.

Spanish, German, English