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Hello! I’m Neil

My first six years drumming I studied with a member of the San Francisco Symphony who was also the house drummer at Bimbos in SF. Under his tutelage I developed a mastery of classical drums while also gaining an understanding of the modern approach to the drum set. I have had the honor to play with some top notch musicians over the years.

My teaching method includes: Reading all levels in both snare drum and full drum set Focused snare drum and sticking technique Focused drum set and “feet techniques” How to “groove” Dynamics Fills, posture and relaxation techniques for greater speed and endurance


Owner/teacher at Bettencourt drumming

I have 47 years of drumming experience, most as a professional. I love playing, but my passion is teaching others which I have been doing for the past 28 years. I am great with kids, and I have taught many adults. I have numerous students who developed into pro drummers.


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