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Hello! I’m Natasha

Natasha Ginger, B.Ed.,B.A.,TESL,TEFL,TESOL, has been a professional elementary school teacher, high school English teacher, and specialized special education and TESL teacher, since 2008. She works to help children and students to establish confidence, and a sense of calm in their learning experiences. She helps parents to find and establish the right support and encouragement they need to provide for their child's academic progress and results. She is focused on helping children to overcome reading struggles, writing challenges, and even accomplish top results in their academic achievements, for English and language arts.

Natasha Ginger is the author of her books: "Parents Helping Their Struggling Readers: A Mindfulness Approach for Parents to Help Their Children Learn How to Love Reading,” and “ESL Level 3 Grammar Instruction Book: A Teacher's Guide and Workbook to Teach English Language Learners and ESL Students Grammar to Achieve Academic Success.” She is the creator of multiple educational curriculums, in her curriculum development company, for an “ESL level 2 Curricula,” “ESL level 3 Curricula,” and the “Reading Program,” for B.E.E.T.A. International Group Inc. in 2017. She was also the Head Teacher and Principal of “Windsor Learning Centre,” between 2008-2012, and 2013-2014. She has also created and developed the “Independent School Admissions Program,” and the “ESL level 2 and 3 Programs,” for Windsor Learning Centre, during that time. She was also the curriculum designer and principal for “First Progressive Education Inc.,” in 2012-2013.

She believes a parent needs to maintain mindfulness and a personal belief in their child to help their child receive the right support, during the course of their educational reading, writing, and language arts development. She also believes that parents need to be provided with the right support from their teachers/tutors, and helps to establish a solid footing for parents in their parent journey of providing the right type of encouragement and support that their child needs.

She helps to encourage the children and students throughout her time teaching them, and she teaches by providing mindful teaching practices, and the necessary instructional strategies that are in the best interest of each individual student she teachers. She carefully structures her way for teaching each student, which is based on the child’s individual needs, learning styles, best research, and the personality of each child. She also helps parents to establish best supportive practices to help their child succeed, throughout each stage of their child's educational development, throughout the duration of teaching her students.

Reading, writing, tutor