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Hello! I’m Murphy

Hi, I'm Mr Murphy, a skilled Microsoft & UNESCO-certified digital Teacher, a Course Facilitator, and a confirmed "expert" digital educator by the European Commission.

I've been teaching for about 12 years now. However, I started teaching virtually in 2020.

When I teach, I paint mental pictures learners can easily relate to. Because I understand the value of individual differences, I meet you right where you are. And, to buttress my points, I dramatize where applicable.

Connectivity is also one of my strengths: I connect new concepts to prior knowledge which helps learners assimilate better.

I have a BSc. in Economics, a National Diploma in Business Administration, a Diploma in Basic English Grammar, a 120-hrs TESOL certificate along with over two dozen other teaching-related certificates; including the European Commission certificate which is based on the European Framework for the digital competence of educators. And, I'm presently in pursuit of my Professional Diploma in Education (PDE)

Currently, I work with a virtual institution where I'm conversant with four major curricula — the British, the American, the Canadian, and the Australian. I work with a wide range of online teaching platforms.

I specialize in elementary and high school subjects like Mathematics, English, and Basic Science. I also help learners pass Standard and Professional English tests/exams, IELTS, the CheckPoint, and the National Common Entrance Examination.

My hobbies are reading, speaking, and content writing.

Why not book a session with me?
Let's work together; I strongly believe "every learner stands a chance to become better". And if we work together, you can become better.

Thank you!

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