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Hello! I’m Michael

Hello, my name is Michael. I am from the United States of America, specifically North Carolina.
I graduated from the University of North Carolina with a BA in mathematics.
Aside from my teaching, I also love traveling, spending quality time with my family, watching movies, sailing, and playing golf.

During my 10 years of teaching, I have had the privilege of teaching all core subjects: math, science,
English, and social studies to students of all ages around the world. I served as the ESL director at
Ekkamai International School in Bangkok, Thailand. I also have taught more than 18,000 courses online to date.

My primary goal as a teacher is to create an educational environment that is not only informative and
educational but also fun, it really fuels each learner’s desire to seek knowledge. So, if you want A+
lesson plans from an A+ teacher. Come see me in class soon!


English Teacher/ESL Director at Ekkamai International School Bangkok, Thailand

• Facilitate lessons related to curriculum (American-based curriculum) while keeping record of all lessons to WASC accreditation standard • Participate in all extra-curricular activities, including coaching a boy's junior varsity basketball team. • Increased ESL students' reading levels by integrating online word games and altering lesson plans for students needing extra guidance. • Attended workshops to learn about student motivation and engaging learning activities. • Gave one-on-one attention to each student while maintaining overall focus on the entire group. • Improved instruction methods by using various assessment tools and strategies. • Developed and taught ESL curriculum to improve students' conversational abilities. • Administered and graded tests and assignments to evaluate student progress. • Educated students in basics of English grammar and conversational speaking.

ESL Teacher at VIPkid

• Used pre-written curriculum to teach students English via remote video conferencing. • Maintained schedule of appointments and taught on average 70 classes weekly. Over 18,000 total. • Worked with students between ages 4 and 13 on grammar, pronunciation and sentence construction.


University of North Carolina at Wilmington

General Mathematics