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Hello! I’m Maria

I am a Russian native speaker and a qualified experienced tutor. Today I study at Moscow State University which is considered as the best University in Russia. I am studying International Relations so I have language proficiency in English, French, Czech and obviously in Russian. Last year I attended special courses related to teaching Russian for foreigners. Area of my interests is closely connected with the Russian culture and history, so during our lessons, we would discuss Russian cultural heritage and key historical moments. Telling the truth, I am a bookworm who has read all the classical Russian literature so if your dreams were connected with the reading of Russian writers` masterpieces I would include reading, translating and discussion of your favourite books in our lessons. The main feature of learning Russian with me is my connection to the modern Russian and to a new vocabulary knowing which you will feel much more confident while speaking. Purposefulness, communicativeness, optimism, enthusiasm, motivation, punctuality are my key skills. My students say that I have the ability to explain complex tasks very comprehensibly. I look forward to seeing you during our classes and to immerse into the unique world of one of the greatest languages of the world!

a Russian language, an English language, a Czech language, a Russian history, a History of International Relations, a Political Geography.


Moscow State University

International Relations