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Hello! I’m Marcela

Hello! I am a glass artist living and working in Toronto. The ocean and its wonders are the main sources of inspiration to create unique home decor in my glass studio.

Art has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Finding glass as a medium of expression for my art was truly a blessing for me. It was the key that opened the doors for my family and I into beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada from Buenos Aires, Argentina, 17 years ago allowing us to start a new journey.

Beauty, simplicity, elegance and functionality are essential components in my designs. In my studio in Toronto, I’m always looking for that special blend of colour and texture that leads me to each piece of art I carefully design. The way I treat glass is as if it were a human being, by respecting it and not pushing it. This allows me to understand its flow, displacement, behavior, and action up to its most intricate inner part – its core. That is why I always say, “Each time a piece leaves my studio I feel a little bit of my soul is going with it”.

Every piece that I create in my glass studio begins with a dream. I dream in colours accompanied by shapes and patterns. Some are production pieces, some are experimental and some are conceptual.Production pieces are also created one at a time but are developed to be similar to that picture that you saw on my website.

One-of-a-Kind Works are original signed pieces that, when sold, are gone to its new home. I'm constantly adding new work so stay tuned!