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Hello! I’m Louis

I grew up with a middle class background. My father owned a deli and my mother was a nurse. I always dreamed of working on Wall Street because I wanted to discover "how the world really worked". I've held many roles in the financial industry throughout my career, including advising large corporations on mergers & acquisitions, advising high net worth individuals on their investments, working on a derivatives desk on a trading floor, and even working in the risk management department. I'm often told by people that they wish finance and economics were taught to them in high school, and that's why I'm tutoring. Because financial and economic literacy is so important for everyone, and it drives the world around you, regardless of the economic system you live in. Financial literacy is not just for investors or wealthy people or Wall St. people, it's for everyone, and my goal is to explain finance, economics, and investments in "plain English" in a way that anyone and everyone can understand. I want to tutor everyone from high school students entering the world, to adults wanting to be well-informed, to retirees wanting confidence that they understand the markets. Or if you simply want to understand "what's going on with inflation?!", I am your tutor.

Basic Economics, Personal Finance, Corporate Finance, Financial Risk Management, Portfolio Management, Financial Literacy, Stock Market, Federal Reserve, Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy, Stocks, Bonds, Investing


Derivatives Trade Desk Analyst at UBS

My first job was working on a derivatives trading desk right in the middle of the financial crisis. It was this experience that led me to make the Global Financial Crisis the focus of my graduate studies at Yale. I can explain how the financial crisis happened, factors that led up to it, and the impacts we are still feeling today - including how that led to today's inflation. The long term and present day impact of the financial crisis is perhaps the single most important thing about the economic world that most people don't think about, and I want to share it with as many people as I can. I can also explain factors leading up the financial crisis, including the history of money, the history of banks in the US, the creation of the Federal Reserve, the Bretton Woods accords-post WW2 that created the current world economic order, the inflation of the 1970's, high interest rates of the 1980's, tech bubble of the 1990's, and the mortgage crisis of the 2000's.

Private Bank Associate at Citigroup

Early in my career I worked in Private Banking, where I primarily managed investment portfolios for Ultra High Net Worth individuals. I also provided them with other bank services such as lending, mortgage, and cash management services. This is where I learned about wealth planning, why it is so important, and why anyone can (and should!) do it, regardless of how much money you have.

Credit Origination and Portfolio Manager at Citigroup

In this role I underwrote bank loans to companies and managed the loan portfolio on behalf of the bank. If you have questions about bank lending and how banks underwrite loans, we can talk about it.

Investment Banking Associate at Citigroup

As an investment banker, I helped companies raise capital, and I facilitated mergers and acquisitions (M&A). This role, perhaps more than any other, showed me "how the world really works" when it comes to capital and money. If you're wondering why certain companies act a certain way, much of it can probably be traced to things that happen in the investment banking world.

Associate at Brunswick Group

I advised C-Suite (CEOs, CFOs, etc.), Corporate Finance groups, and Investor/Media relations teams on business-critical financial communications strategies including M&A strategy, earnings communications, and shareholder activism defense. In short, I advised CEOs on how to speak to their investors, the markets, and the media, and I can explain how CEOs think. I also dealt with investors and the media on behalf of companies, so I can explain how the market reacts to news, and why market movements seem to be so confusing.

Principal at High Tide Capital

I manage a personal investment fund deploying short-term, momentum-based trading strategies primarily in US equities market. My trading strategy revolves around forming a weekly trade thesis based on current macroeconomic trends combined with technical market analysis. Last year I generated investment returns in excess of the market (SP500) by 12.03%.


Yale School of Management


Boston College

B.S., Finance