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Hello! I’m Lester

I'm Alisson. Currently, I'm a senior majoring in Economics at Penn State University. I was a peer mentor and tutor at Bergen Community College (NJ) for two years. During the last three summers I worked as a private tutor for Language Learning Network. I will always talk to my professor after class about any topic I was unsured about it. These professors were always encouraging and very comprehensible when teaching the material in class, and willing to help in any additional clarification. Therefore, I bring this knowledge to my tutoring approach, and do my best to make learning an enjoyable experience. I use lessons plans in which I usually introduce the topic in a fun and creative way, then teach the deeply the material. Subsequently, I make sure the students to practice the material on their own by giving fun projects or activities as assignments. In fact, this can be modified based on the subject and students's individual needs.

I have a year tutoring experience in middle school and high school students for Basic Arithmetic and Intermediate Algebra and Calc 1. As being a peer mentor at BCC, I had to work directly with any students who needed additional assistance, in this math classes there were 25 students. There were some students who needed extra help , so I worked with them during class to make sure they did not fall behind. In addition, I tutor Precal and Basic Math at the Cerullo Learning Assistance Center at BCC.

I'm originally from Lima-Peru. My first language is Spanish and I even took the CLEP Exam ( Levels 1 and 2) and got the highest score. I tutor Spanish for like three years including all ages from elementary school to undergrad and grad level.

I took the TOEFL before applying to a US university and got 99 out of 120. Also, I took the IELTS and got 6 out of 9. I used to help friends to prepare for the TOEFL and IELTS.