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Hello! I’m Kason

I have been tutoring for a little over 4 years. I worked at Mathnasium teaching K-12 math for a year while finishing my undergraduate education, and since then I have been involved in freelance tutoring for high school and college-level STEM courses such as precalculus, physics, chemistry, and immunology.

My teaching methodology incorporates an understanding that to truly understand a concept, a student should be able to teach that concept themselves. Beyond rote memorization of the main facts and principles, this also involves being able to connect a concept to previously learned material, and an ability to apply a concept to real-world problems and situations.

Therefore, I believe in a 3-step program to learning: first, I like to review the topic or topics at hand. Then, we can engage in guided practice to see how the concept would be applied on an exam or in the real world. Then, I can test comprehension with leading questions and provide supervised solo practice.

SAT/ACT preparation, Math (K-12; courses through Calculus I or AB), Statistics, Biology, General Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Microbiology, Immunology, MCAT preparation


University of Miami

Microbiology and Immunology