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Hello! I’m Karen

Born in Guyana to immigrant parents and dubbed a most Anglo-Saxon name compliments of aspirational norms, Karen Ann Vinh now Flynn, was raised in a West Indian environment; a culture of harsh truths, no-nonsense parenting, and brutish competition at all levels from the playground to classroom.

Karen recognized her strength as a young woman to look at situations from an impartial viewpoint and her ability to be straightforward and honest. From early jobs to becoming a successful entrepreneur, Karen worked towards a fulfilling and resonant life by pursuing things that made her ‘feel’.

Now at home in Vancouver, Canada, Karen continues to embody and advocate living a larger and fulfilling life through her work to impact inclusion for the growing migrant population arriving in Canada. Karen provides coaching and mentorship for private clients internationally, entrepreneurs and business students at the University of British Columbia (UBC), and through non-profit organizations in the Vancouver area.

Writing, Presentation, Communication