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Hello! I’m Jonah

I am an undergraduate student double majoring in Business Economics and Psychology at Purdue University. I volunteer for a nonprofit dog shelter and have worked in the restaurant industry for 5 years. I've played soccer all my life and I love to sing. Traveling is one of my most important passions at the moment; I've traveled to Greece, Portugal, Spain, Canada, as well as 20 different states in the US.

Restaurant Industry, Volunteering, Travel, Soccer, Singing, Economics, Psychology, Tutoring


Assistant Manager at Panera

Handled daily operations, main contact for customer service, oversaw closing procedures for dining and kitchen areas, handled curbside operations, managed scheduling

Volunteer at Natalie's Second Chance Dog Shelter

Walk dogs every week, clean living environment, feed and monitor them, assess health and overall well-being.

Server at Sedona Taphouse

Waited on guests, Served tables, Bussed tables, Cleaned and prepared dining area and kitchen for service


Purdue University

Business Economics

Purdue University