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Hello! I’m Jeff

Jeff Mahoney is a published author, with his recent release of "The Planet" available worldwide. Jeff just completed his second novel, "The Wolf Advocate" which is set to be released later this year. The Planet was a challenge, as every aspect of a new environment was written, giving the reader the feeling that they were on this strange new world with the main characters. Jeff is constantly writing, which helps improve his teaching abilities. Please feel free to visit Jeff's website at for more information and to sign up for the newsletter. Jeff applies his knowledge and expertise as a writer, to examination preparation, vocabulary building and all aspects of grammar building. Email or call today to book your lesson with Jeff and begin your journey to success.

If you are preparing for English exams, the essay portion of the exam is very important. The SAT essay is a great place to gain additional marks and to demonstrate your writing abilities and skills. Many students "skip" the essay when they book their tests, however Jeff does not recommend this. Contact Jeff today for more information or to book a lesson.