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Hello! I’m ibrahim

I'm a Civil Engineering graduate and currently an Environmental Sciences master student at Boğaziçi University/Turkey.
I've been tutoring for so long and therefore I have enough reason to believe that I'm good at teaching people on one to one courses and that I really like doing this job. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to continue to do this job because my personality traits do not allow me to do things that I'm not good at or things that I can't form an emotional bond with. For this reason, I'm trying to increase my tutoring experiences with the help of platforms like "Apprentus" because it provides me with a chance to reach out to more people, which means I can share my knowledge and experiences with more and more people.
For me, it is particularly important to help people learn in easiest ways and help them keep permanently whatever they learn during my class. To this end, I like to use different analogies, visual experiments and even jokes time to time.
I hope you have parallel point of views with me on learning stuff and our paths can cross one another sometime.
Until then, take care of yourselves.


boğaziçi university

Environmental Sciences

boğaziçi university

Civil Engineering