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Hello! I’m Houman

I used to be an average student at UBC but I decided to change my life and turn into a A+ student at UBC who have received multiple awards from UBC and other research organizations. I have 6 book publications in the field of medicine and fishery.

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Ocean sciences, Earth Science, Biochemistry, Organic chemistry.


Supervisor at MARI research Organization

I've been involved in research and supervising other people reaching their goals in the field of research and medicine for many years. I've had the opportunity to get 6 students to get into medical schools

Tutoring at Self-employed

I've been tutoring science courses to University and high school students for 10 years. I've helped students gain confidence and enough knowledge to become top students in their classes

Teaching Assistant at University of British Columbia

I was the only bachelor student who was a teaching student for the faculty of science during those years. I received the score of 3.5 out of 4 from 200 students in my classes