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Hello! I’m Faith Paulson

I am a professional piano player and music theory teacher with over 12 years of experience teaching piano and music theory to all levels from beginners, to intermediate and advanced.
I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music From the University of Uyo and a certificate in Music Education for teachers from Berklee Online.

Within these years, I have played in bands, and events, hosted concerts, and even published a few of music. I have also taught and prepared students for exams, competitions, auditions, and career goals.

There's something about the piano I have discovered and I want to share with you.

"Piano, " "Ear training, " "sight reading, " "Solfege, " "Music theory, " "Flute. "


Band leader at The blue Scale Band

Built repertoire, conducted rehearsals, and arranged for the band.

Music Teacher at Legend College

Taught students music theory and practicals using the recommended syllables and curriculum.

Piano Instructor at Javae Music School

Developed a working curriculum and scheme for piano lessons. Including songs, performances and assessing students.


University of Uyo



Music Education for Teachers