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Hello! I’m Asheida

I grew up in beautiful British Columbia and as very young girl I loved music and how it could move others and myself. I took to it quickly and I began piano at 10 and graduated from music school at the University of British Columbia in 2005.

After some time I started my own business where I provided piano, voice lessons as well as voice-over work for various companies and projects. During this time, I trained extensively under several different methodologies and gained the following certifications: Speech Level Singing Int’l, Institute for Vocal Advancement and ongoing Vocal Yoga Method with my mentor, Heather Lyle.

It has helped me develop, a holistic approach to working with the voice. You can find me coaching other artists and professionals as well as working on my own projects, namely my upcoming album!

vocal yoga, vocal fitness, voice and body awareness, projection, healthy vocal practices, audition and performance prep, ridding and minimizing vocal breaks at passagio/transition zones, range expansion and vocal rehab along with performance support/tips. Students who need: voice for steller singing, voice for captivating public speaking, voice for voice-over artists and actors and more!


Voice Coach