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Hello! I’m Anne

As a child, I always knew that I wanted a career in music. While many of my childhood friends were forced by their parents to take music lessons against their will, I actually asked my parents if I could take piano lessons. Music has always been something that I have gravitated towards.

I started singing when I was 4, and started playing piano when I was 6. I passed my ABRSM Grade 8 Piano Exam (RCM 10 Piano) and all corresponding theory exams by the time I was 13, and started teaching piano at the age of 16. Even though I play mostly classical music on the piano, I am able to teach both classical and pop. I have a great understanding of music theory as well, and also have experience preparing students for their music theory exams.

Throughout my years in both high school and university, I have been in many different choirs, and was section leader for all those choirs. I also directed many a cappella groups during these years, and even worked as a class assistant for a music course in university during my second undergraduate year. I have also had the privilege of being selected as an opera soloist for several productions and concerts my university choir was involved in. Although I specialized in Neuroscience and obtained an HBSc from the University of Toronto, I also did a double minor in Psychology and Music & Culture.

Aside from teaching, I also love to write my own songs and perform around Toronto whenever I can. In fact, I even participated in two singing competitions to challenge myself, and made it into the final rounds for both those competitions. Even though I have years of experience singing in a variety of genres including classical, musical theatre, and pop, I specialize in teaching pop / contemporary vocals.

As a musician, I have grown an online presence, and currently have over 30,000 followers on TikTok. Through this platform, I have gotten online students from all over the world. I would be more than happy to provide either online or in-person lessons to accommodate your needs.

Piano teacher / vocal coach, singer-songwriter, pianist