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Hello! I’m Anthony

I’m a 33 years old certified teacher from France living in North Vancouver. I came here in 2013 to combine my work and my passion, to enjoy the mountains, the city and the lifestyle.

After 2 years of teacher training College in France I graduated and then taught from Kindergarten to Grade 6 in France and the French Territories for many years.

I worked as a teacher assistant in a French preschool/daycare on the North Shore for over 2 years and as well tutored French.

I teach students of various backgrounds from all ages and different levels.

My students use my services to help them to graduate, achieve better grades, to travel, or for the pure enjoyment of speaking French.

Because learning is endless, I trained to become a Professional Mountain Bike Instructor (PMBI) to guide/coach people on the North Shore and in BC.

Finally in 2016, it was time to start a new adventure : “ABC French Line”.

I’m now glad to share my passion and work and I hope to help you soon.

À bientôt!