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Teachers will only be able to issue a refund for each lesson individually. However, regardless of the reason, this refund can only be effected within 7 days after a payment is sent.

For students who have purchased a package, they will only be charged 24 hours prior to the first lesson, which means they are free to cancel a class any time before the first lesson takes place. However, only 50% of the remaining class fees will be refunded for any cancellations that happen after the first lesson.

On the contrary, if a teacher cancels a class for which the student has purchased a package, 100% of the remaining amount will be refunded to student.

Also note that class fee of a particular lesson will not be refunded if the student fails to show up to class without prior notice. It'll be up to the teachers whether or not they want to manually issue a refund via the transaction page if they deem fit.

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