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    Complete Maya mastery

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    Class Overview

    Complete Maya mastery is an excellent class that will help students to learn about the different fluids and rigid body dynamics in Maya. This class will help beginners to understand the basics of Maya and intermediate learners will be able to update their existing knowledge.
    Autodesk Maya is an impressive software that helps users to perform awesome 3D animation designs. Good knowledge about how this software works is enough to place you on the right track to a very successful career in video animation design.
    I am ready to teach you the basics and the significant features of this tool so that you can become a very skillful 3D designer in no time.
    Maya has been used to create many 3D animation movies, and this software can prove too difficult for newbies to learn, this is why it is essential you make use of the best teacher. I have been using Maya for more than three years now, and I have
    After the successful completion of this class:
    You will understand how to build and design 3D objects.
    You will have in-depth knowledge about modeling, rigging, animating, shading and texturing designs.
    • You will be able to work with Maya comfortably
    • You will learn the tricks and skills behind the animation of 3D objects.
    • You will learn how to rig a 3D character for animation
    • You will gain an insight into how to put a 3D animated scene together

    Any age


    Basic knowledge about the use of computers A willingness to Learn MAYA 3D Character Modeling

    A Laptop

    Curriculum for this class

    Introduction to Character Modeling with Maya

    Learn Maya character modeling


    Can I learn with Mac?

    Maya works well with Macs.

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