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    Class Overview

    Mathematics classes are done online using Google meet.
    Before classes commence, conversation between me and the student is undertaken to identify area of weakness.
    An action plan is then devised to address areas of weakness.
    I provide all the necessary resources that may be necessary to undertake a class namely Pdf coursebooks, workbooks, worksheets and past papers.
    A class takes approximately one hour. At the end if the class relevant worksheets are shared with the students.

    10 Years old and above


    Laptop or mobile device

    Pen and exercise book

    Curriculum for this class

    Igcse/gce cambridge Mathematics

    GCE Cambridge A level Mathematics: -Quadratics, Functions, Coordinate Geometry, Circular measure, Trigonometry, Series, Differenciation and Integration. IGCSE Mathematics: Numbers, Algebra and Graphs, coordinate geometry, Meansuration, Trigonometry, Transformation and Vectors, probability and statistics.

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