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    🌟 Improve Your English Now! Join For Lessons Made For You

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    Class Overview

    🌟 Improve Your English Now! 🌟 Join For Lessons Made For You - Find Out More and Start Learning!

    Hello! I am an ESL teacher and I am trained to help you learn English. For 9 years, I have been making English lessons fun and easy for students.

    ☀️ Lessons Full of Things You Love
    We will use your favorite things to make English lessons just for you. When you learn with what you like, it's more fun and you learn faster. Every lesson will be exciting because it's about what you enjoy.

    🪁 Speak and Learn the Fun Way
    I teach with "Communicative Language Teaching." It's a way to learn by talking and doing things in English. We will practice real conversations so you can feel happy and confident when you speak English.

    ✈️👩‍💻 English for Real Life
    You won't just learn new words; you'll use them in real life. We will talk about stories and write too. This helps you really use English, not just study it.

    👍 The Best Choice for Learning English
    I want to help you be great at English. With my extensive experience, I know how to help you better than anyone else. I care a lot about helping you succeed in English.

    Let's begin this wonderful learning trip together. I can't wait to help you reach your big English dreams!

    I teach English with 9 years of experience. I use the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) methodology. This means we focus on using English in real-life ways and talking a lot in class to help you speak English better. I make lessons that are interesting for you, using things you like to talk about. We will work on speaking, understanding, reading, and writing. I will help you reach your English goals!

    Book a first lesson with me and start speaking English from day one! With my lessons, you will learn quickly because we will use English in fun ways that are about your life. You will feel more and more confident every time we talk. I am very excited to help you speak, read, and write in English. Let's begin this happy learning journey together!

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    Curriculum for this class

    Conversational English

    A1 Level: Start your English speaking journey with me! We'll focus on basic words and phrases that you need every day. I'll teach you how to greet people, ask for things, and tell others about yourself in simple English. Together, we'll practice these sentences until you feel comfortable using them in real conversations. Get ready to talk in English about your life and the things around you! B1 Level: Step into the world of conversational English with lessons crafted to make you a confident speaker. We'll focus on enriching your word bank, mastering phrases that native speakers use, and understanding the nuances that make spoken English come alive. Get ready to express yourself clearly and effortlessly in every conversation! C1 Level: Immerse yourself in the realm of advanced conversational English with my bespoke lessons designed to elevate your speaking prowess. We'll delve into expanding your lexicon, perfecting idiomatic expressions favored by native speakers, and grasping the subtle distinctions that breathe life into spoken English. Prepare to articulate your thoughts with precision and fluidity in every discourse.

    English for work

    A1 Level: Start learning English for the workplace with me! With my knowledge of various jobs in the USA, I'll guide you through the basic vocabulary and simple phrases that are important for your work. Our lessons will be specially designed to suit the tasks you perform in your job. Step by step, you'll become more confident in using English to communicate and understand others at work. B1 Level: Elevate your professional English skills with my specialized program, designed to cater to your career advancement! My extensive background spans a multitude of US industries, providing me with the insight to teach you the critical vocabulary and communication strategies essential in corporate environments. Our lessons will be meticulously tailored to address the unique linguistic demands of your specific job role. With this targeted approach, you'll notice a marked improvement in your ability to articulate ideas clearly and compose proficient written communications in the workplace. C1 Level: Advance your professional trajectory with my tailored English for Work curriculum. Drawing from a diverse spectrum of American corporate sectors, I am poised to impart industry-specific terminology and complex conversational structures essential for the workplace. Our collaborative sessions will be meticulously aligned with your occupational requirements, thereby enhancing your capacity for articulate and nuanced communication within your professional sphere.

    English for beginners

    Welcome to English for Beginners! In this course, we learn simple words and everyday sentences. You will practice how to say 'hello,' ask for things you need, and tell people about yourself. We will have fun with pictures and games to help you remember your new words. By the end, you can talk a little in English with friends!

    Intensive English

    A1 Level: Join my Intensive English Program for beginners! You will learn important words and simple sentences quickly. My one-on-one classes focus on basic grammar and everyday speaking. You will get a lot of practice. This program is great if you want to start using English soon! B1 Level: My Intensive English Program is designed for intermediate learners who want to improve quickly. We'll cover essential grammar, expand your vocabulary, and give you plenty of speaking and listening practice. In your one-on-one sessions, you'll engage in discussions, write texts, and receive personalized feedback to enhance your English skills. If you're committed to making fast progress, this tailored program is ideal for you! C1 Level: Maximize your English proficiency with my Intensive English Program, where I offer personalized one-on-one instruction tailored for rapid and significant language improvement. The curriculum is carefully crafted to address complex grammatical structures, expand your vocabulary, and bolster your conversational skills through direct application. In our sessions, you will engage in detailed discussions, tackle targeted writing exercises, and receive constructive feedback tailored just for you. As your sole instructor, with extensive expertise in teaching English, I am dedicated to providing the comprehensive support and guidance you need to achieve fluency and confidence, ensuring you stand out in academic or professional settings.

    English for travelling

    A1 Get ready to travel the world with English! I have traveled a lot and know the important words you need. We will learn English that helps you in different countries. You will feel sure and happy talking to people when you travel. Let's learn English for your trips and make great memories! B1 Embark on your global adventures with English as your trusted companion! My own travels have given me insight into the practical phrases and cultural nuances that make all the difference. Our lessons will be your passport to confidence, tailored to the countries you dream of exploring. Whether you're navigating English-speaking destinations or connecting through a common language elsewhere, I'll prepare you to journey with ease and create unforgettable memories. C1 Embark on a linguistic odyssey with English as your faithful ally. My extensive travels have endowed me with invaluable insights into the essential idioms and cultural subtleties that truly enrich communication. Our sessions will serve as a catalyst for your self-assurance, meticulously tailored to the nations you aspire to traverse. Whether charting your course through anglophone territories or engaging in dialogue across diverse linguistic landscapes, I am committed to equipping you with the eloquence and cultural fluency to navigate your global journeys with poise and create indelible experiences.

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