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    Chemistry IGSCE

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    Class Overview

    I will be covering topics for IGSCE Chemistry based on student request. If student do not have any request for any topics, the topics that will be covered will be decided on the spot by the tutor.
    For the first lesson, I will be going through the fundamentals of chemistry, allowing the student to understand the subatomic particles that are found in an atom. The basics of how to read the periodic table will be taught as well.

    Any age


    IGSCE Grade 8 and above

    Writing paper to take down notes

    Curriculum for this class

    Basics of Chemistry

    1. Understandlng of the periodic table (i) understand what is meant by the groups and periods (ii) understand atomic no and atomic mass 2. Understanding of the structure of the atom (i) Know the properties of the subatomic particles present in the atom (ii) identify the electronic configuration of the types of atom involved 3. Know the terms (i) Elements, Compounds, Molecule, Ion, Atom (ii] chemical formula

    Being able to grasp the fundamentals of the subject

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