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    Class Overview

    This is an offer to serve as a teacher of Torah, Judaism, Talmud, Hebrew Bible, Judaic Studies, and kiruv, especially for older teens and adults; or to guide people who seek to convert. My life's work has been teaching public classes and private-tutoring, in all Torah-topics at many age-levels, with special attention to hashkafa and kiruv. I have also taught Jewish history, Hebrew (modern and ancient), and Ashkenaz-laining (Torah-reading). My method is one of exploration; delving beyond the simple translation, and exposing deeper content and allusions, background-information, and correct pronunciation, punctuation, and etymology, especially when Gemara (Talmud), Rashi, or Tanakh is the subject.

    10 Years old and above

    English, Hebrew

    Desire to learn.

    A suggestion as to what text or material to use, so that I can be prepared.

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