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    Circuit Analysis

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    Class Overview

    Delivery: On-line Tutoring Only
    Instructor: Prof Skip Laratonda, Jr., MSEE, PE

    I have been teaching Circuit Analysis and Digital Systems at Penn State and working in industry since 1975.
    I presently teach both AC/DC Circuit Analysis, Operational Amplifiers, Digital Systems, and Digital Logic.
    I have been a Licensed Professional Engineer in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania since 1983.
    I am looking forward to passing some of my experience and engineering knowledge on to you.

    Topics include but not limited to;
    DC Resistive Circuits (both series and parallel)
    Ohm's Law and Power Law
    Kirchhoff's Laws
    Voltage Divider Rule and Current Divider Rule
    Mesh (Loop) Analysis
    Nodal Analysis
    Dependent Sources (both current and voltage controlled)
    Operational Amplifiers
    Superposition, Source Transformations
    Thevenin's and Norton's Theorem's
    Maximum Power Transfer
    1st Order RC and RL Circuits
    2nd Order RLC Circuits
    Complex Numbers
    AC Steady State Analysis
    Steady-State Power Analysis
    Power Factor
    Frequency Analysis with Bode Plots
    Multisim Simulations

    Any age


    College Student with previous Algebra, Calculus and Physics courses.


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