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    Professional English tutor // Репетитор по английскому

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    Class Overview

    Greetings, my name is Petra and I am a professional tutor with 4 years experience of teaching English.
    I provide personalized English tutoring sessions, helping students improve their reading , writing, communication skills, resulting in consistent grade improvement.
    My main goal is to teach English in a clear, understandable way using various individual methods
    I have two years of experience in one-on-one tutoring in different countries
    I've also had a two year experience of teaching languages in private elementary schools in Russia
    I helped more than 85% of students improve their English level from A1 in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

    My main skills are:
    Collaborative instructional strategies
    Identifying learning gaps
    organized learning support
    Prepare fun, engaging educational activities based on each student’s talents and interest

    As well as soft skills, such as:
    I am very calm and patient, I make every effort to create a comfortable learning atmosphere for the student
    I am an excellent communicator, I can find an approach to each student, because of an extensive experience working with children

    I finished GAPOU (Kazan Pedagogical College), studied at several international schools, where I gained experience communicating with native speakers and now I moved to Spain to attend a university higher education in the field of pedagogy and languages.

    ‼️price: 30 € - per 1 hour (1 lesson)‼️

    If you want your child to improve their knowledge of English then this is exactly what you are looking for! You can contact me here, write to me via telegram at the nickname @petrabarona, via WhatsApp at +34 672 224 304 or write me an email at: [email protected]. Not to mention, for the first two trial lessons there is a 30% discount from the initial price!
    At most, I work with children from 10-14 years old, possibly from the begginer level, but it is also possible to simply increase the level from intermediate to advanced, or consolidate knowledge of the school curriculum and achieve tangible results faster than in courses or at school.

    10 Years old and above

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