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    Basic Arabic Calligraphy

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    Class Overview

    A short course distributed in parts to learn the basics of Sulus Script in Arabic Calligraphy.
    Designed in a way to help you gradually learn the dos and don'ts of writing Sulus Script .For ages 10 and above.
    This class will entail the first letter of Arabic i.e elif and the rest of the letters will be covered in the classes to follow.
    Any student having any difficulty and needing more time to understand will be given special attention. Furthermore an extra class will be arranged if more than one students require more time or practice to understand a specific letter.
    Students must accompany all the required materials for calligraphy already mentioned in the class requirements section ( please go through) so as to make sure the smooth running of class with maximum utilization of our time without any hindrance.
    Questions will be answered after the letter has been taught so as to make sure during the instructions being given there is no hindrance.
    All the students must be punctual so they don't miss any details. Class will start as soon as the mentioned time comes i.e 8 am. All the students entering the class after the mentioned time will be solely responsible for any missed instructions.
    Any voilance of rules or use of bad language will not be tolerated during the class and can result into the person being expelled out of the class. Please make sure you attend the class with all the necessary etiquettes and punctuality.
    This is a basic course of Sulus Script in Arabic Calligraphy and will help you to gain a necessary understanding of the Script which can help you in advanced studies in that field

    10 Years old and above

    English and Urdu

    You just need to be 10 or above.

    Calligraphy pen, calligraphy or sketch book, calligraphy ink, pencil, ruler and an eraser

    Curriculum for this class

    How to write elif in Sulus Script

    One hour session to help you understand the requirements to learn calligraphy and to teach how to make elif in Sulus Script with all essential details.

    To teach to write the first letter of Arabic(alif).


    Will the course continue or I will only be taught the first letter?

    The course will continue till the last letter of Arabic is taught in Sulus Script.

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