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    Class Overview

    Graduated from University College of London (UCL), I was first a student who had to learn how to speak, understand and write in english.
    This is the reason why I offer personalized sessions where I teach english, italian or philosophy according to your many needs and your personality.
    I look forward to hearing from you

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    I have collected many titles that enable me to teach on this platform as well as in schools. my classes are fun, interesting and most of all based on your personality and needs. If starting from scratch, i ll first lay down the grammar foundations and th

    Please discuss your goals and objectives. reach out to me to formulate a plan that fits your personality and goals. if you tired not to have a method, if you feel lost or if you simply are committed to learning a new language, I can be perfect for you. with thousands of hours and many reviews, i have developed the best strategies to achieve success !

    10 Years old and above



    perhaps paper and pen to take notes

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