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    Voice Lessons

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    Class Overview

    Over the course of the semester, you will be learning a variety of vocal production skills that are important and necessary for vocal excellence of every kind. This kind of training goes on throughout life and is part of every lesson.

    1. This course is designed for beginning voice students to work on the basic skills of singing, including vocal technique (in speech and singing) and solo vocal performance. Aspects of breathing, support, diction and a variety of vocal literature will be addressed.

    2. Students will work on self-improvement by fostering and developing greater self- awareness, confidence, and expression. The majority of the class time will be spent learning how to sing and training your voice.

    3. Students will develop more appreciation for the vocal art, as a cultural force in a civilized world. Learn ways in which singing is used in culture and in individual lives.

    Any age


    Curriculum for this class

    Singer's Posture

    Breathing for Singing

    Phonation and the Vocal Folds


    Vocal Health


    Vocal Coordination

    Extending Pitch and Dynamic Range



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