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    Class Overview

    *This course will be suited to your essay editing needs or anything related to broadening skills of English.*

    I am a recent Bachelor's of English graduate of 2023 from Oregon State University. I am really looking forward to working with struggling children in terms of their studies. My particular teaching strategies include working with the student one-on-one and motivating them that they can do it! I never had any academic help growing up so I want to be that person for people that I never had. My particular strengths are in English, Writing, Philosophy, Speech, Reading, Grammar, French, Reading Comprehension, and Communication. Also, I am looking forward to help any students that need help in any English courses or even exam or essay preparation.

    5 Years old and above


    A willingness to learn! Be enrolled in anything from K-College Level English.

    Computer, pen, notes, any questions you need answered

    Curriculum for this class

    Bring your drafts

    This lesson is suited to learn how to draft a perfect essay. This could be one already assigned to you or one that you come up with for practice. We will go through brainstorming techniques, revision strategies, and fine-tuning your paper!

    Essay Editing


    What is the best way to compose a standard academic essay?

    Be excited about writing. If you aren't happy with what you are writing, 9/10 your writer will not be too amused either. Take time away from the screen to come back with fresh and new ideas. Your thesis dictates the entire paper, so a great thesis turns out to be a great academic essay!

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