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    I will be your math tutor

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    Class Overview

    Hey Kids! Now Math at your finger tips.


    I am Shahadat Ali, an online Math and science tutor from Pakistan. As an Electrical engineer, I have a strong math background and more than 6 years of online teaching experience.

    My teaching methodology is based on interactive sessions and easy on-screen problem-solving techniques and explanations through a digital pad. I will send the notes at the end of the session in PDF form. If your child has a digital writing pad, he/she can also work with me on the screen.

    Please contact me before placing an order.

    I teach all levels

    Elementary school
    Middle Schol
    High School

    I am an expert in

    Algebra (I, II, III)
    Calculus (I, II, III)
    Applied Mathematics

    Any age

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