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    GMAT Prep (Quant, Verbal, and Integrated Reasoning)

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    Class Overview

    The exact subject(s) covered in a class will be determined by the student's situation. Example topics from quant include:

    The Structure of the Exam: what is tested, how it's tested, how it's scored

    Test Prep Strategy: how to plan, how to study, what to expect

    Data Sufficiency: logical structure and key techniques

    Problem Solving: logical structure and key techniques

    Subject Specific Lessons:
    Integer Properties
    Sequences & Series
    Equations & Inequalities
    Absolute Values
    Geometry (soon to be phased out in the GMAT Focus Edition)
    Overlapping Sets
    Counting & Probability

    Any age

    English (can teach in French if desired)

    Have a pen and plenty of paper ready, and expect to solve problems!

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