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    Calculus I

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    Class Overview

    I'm here to provide an overview of calculus I topics according to standard degree curricula.

    If you're stuck, I've been there too, I have years of experience in 1-on-1 tutoring along with a bachelor's degree in pure mathematics. I'm patient and enjoy seeing students succeed, watching the "aha" moment when an abstract topic clicks into place, and seeing student's grades steadily improve through a variety of strategies.

    10 Years old and above


    The student should have a reasonable understanding of algebra and geometry. If you are not confident in these subjects, that's no no problem, I'll work with you to fill in the gaps you have so that you're up to speed. It will take more time and work, but it will happen with consistent effort over a semester.

    Curriculum for this class

    Introductory calculus I

    For people just starting out, we'll discuss your introductory problems in calculus I, the important ideas, subjects you'll be expected to understand and how to prepare for them relative to any goal you have, whether it be for job and degree training, research, or self-learning.

    Get off to a strong start in a brand new topic

    Intermediate calculus I

    If you're in the middle of a semester, missed a few classes or did well on one calculus topic but poorly on another, this is for you. I'll build off of introductory concepts introduced earlier in your semester and otherwise work with you to bridge the gaps in your knowledge to advance forward.

    Keep your grades steady, fill in gaps

    Advanced calculus I

    Prepare for your calculus final by covering more advanced and wide-ranging topics closer to the end of a semester, or in preparation for an AP-exam. The problems and studying relevant to late-semester calculus generally involve a culmination of newly introduced calculus techniques you're expected to know, along with algebra and geometry and generally entail the more difficult problems in calculus.

    Study a broad range of advanced topics to do as well as you can in your class

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