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    DSD I

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    Class Overview

    The lessons will focus on the four papers: Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking, as well as on grammar and vocabulary. The lessons will gradually build up on the skills required to reach the B1 level in German required for said international certification. Information related to registering for the exam is also provided. Weekly attendance is advised for maximum efficiency. Constant self-assessment. Friendly, respect-based atmosphere. Materials are provided in electronic format, so there is no need to purchase books. All lessons will be held using a graphic tablet. All lesson materials will be posted in folders in Gsuite - classroom. What is required is a Google account which comes with the free G-suite apps (meet, classroom, drive etc). Ideal age: 15 to 20. Maximum professionalism guaranteed. Frequency guaranteed.
    Paper 1: Reading -training and strategies
    Paper 2: Writing (SK)
    Paper 3: Listening - trainign and strategies
    Paper 4- Speaking - training and organisation for MK.
    Grammar - Verbformen, Deklination, Präpositionen, Passiv, Modalverben, Haupt- und Nebensätze usw
    Vocabulary - structured on topic, theory and practice
    Grammar and vocabulary lessons in the form of slides.
    I also speak English and French, so bilingual classes are not a problem.

    10 Years old and above

    German, English, Romanian, French- if needed

    Laptop, camera, microphone

    Notebook/paper, writing utensils

    Curriculum for this class


    DSD I

    obtaining the B1 certification in German

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