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    Persuasive Writing

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    Class Overview

    Learn the fundamental structures & tools of writing persuasively.

    We will cover a variety of topics including thesis, basic three paragraph essay, and stylistic dress-ups.

    Familiar children's literature may be used at times to aid in the learning process.

    10 Years old and above


    Ability to type in English. Age requirement: 10 years old to 22 years old.

    Attitude: Desire to learn and willingness to do the work. Materials: laptop or personal computer.

    Curriculum for this class

    What should I write? What is a thesis?

    Learn how to brainstorm for ideas and decide what to write. Learn what a thesis is and how to word it.

    What's after the thesis?

    Now that you have a thesis, how do you come up with supporting points? Learn the process of coming up with what to write in the body of your persuasive essay.

    How do I put my ideas into an essay format?

    Learn the basic outline of a 3 paragraph pursuasive essay.

    Attention grabbers.

    How can you get your essay to be interesting for your readers? Learn the tools and practice using them.

    What about the ending?

    How should you wrap up your persuasive essay? Learn the basics.

    Style up.

    Learn the tools for "dressing up" your persuasive essay.

    Continued improvements.

    Learn how to improve your existing persuasive essay.

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