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    Fine Arts

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    Class Overview

    In this class, you will start from the basics of fine arts - types of lines, types of colors, color theory, tonality etc.
    Once these concepts are cleared, the class will move on to more complex concepts like anatomy, perspective etc.
    Once all the core concepts are learnt and perfected, we will move on to the different mediums used to create fine art and find out which one suits you the best!
    Once that is done, we can start working on perfecting your skills and techniques relating to that particular medium.

    10 Years old and above


    Some basic art supplies (will be told about in the class) and a stable internet connection.

    Art supplies

    Curriculum for this class

    Fundamentals of Fine Arts 1

    A brief introduction of fine arts in general and an in-depth study of types of lines, shapes and forms and how they are important in fine arts.


    How long do I need to study Fine arts before I am good at it?

    That completely depends on how much time you spend perfecting your skills. My duty as a tutor is to tell you, the student, different techniques and methods to achieve a goal, how long you take to master those techniques and methods is completely dependent on you.

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