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    Math & Science Tutoring (High School, College, Graduate)

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    Class Overview

    A 1 hour online independent tutoring session for math or science. Student must be in high school courses or above (undergraduate and graduate students welcome).

    Please message me to schedule a lesson. Typically I am available:
    Saturday & Sunday 10am-8pm
    Monday - Friday 6pm-10pm

    I have >10 years of experience tutoring high school, college, and graduate students in math and science. My favorite subjects to tutor include: statistics, chemistry, biology, geometry, trigonometry, precalculus, and calculus. I do not offer physics tutoring.

    I practice the "I do, we do, you do" method while tutoring. Over the years, I have noticed most students I work with experience test anxiety and second-guess their answers. Therefore, utilizing this methodology allows students to feel comfortable with course material and gain confidence in their skills to succeed in school.

    Additionally, I emphasize the importance of having students begin to consider, and hopefully identify their preferred learning style and studying methods. I believe knowing your preferred method of learning will help students as they continue their education, and it allows me to cater each lesson to your student's needs. I also stress the importance of organization skills and keeping one's work neat and organized. This allows students to develop a pattern in their work, providing them with comfort when solving problems on their own.

    I graduated with a dual Bachelors of Science in biology and chemistry, as a distinguished scholar of my university with high honors. I have a Masters of Public Health in epidemiology and certificate in human rights from Emory University in Atlanta. Currently I work as a full-time epidemiologist and tutor in the evenings.

    Please note I only offer ONLINE lessons.

    *1 hour minimum for any session
    *<24 hr cancellation=0.5x hourly
    *No show= full hourly rate
    *2 students at once=1.75x hourly (restrictions apply)

    By signing up for a session, you agree to these policies.

    10 Years old and above


    Have course materials to reference (textbook, notes, powerpoints/slides, calculator)


    Can you help me take a test?

    No! I will gladly help you prepare for an exam, however I will not participate in any activity that could be considered cheating.

    Do you have a cancellation policy? No shows?

    Yes. Life happens! If you cancel less than 24 hours before our scheduled session, you will be charged at 0.5x hourly rate. Cancellations >24 hours before our session incur no charge. No shows will be charged the full price of the session.

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