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    Class Overview

    I'm Carlotta! I am a native Italian student, born in Milan and currently living in Rio de Janeiro. I’m entering a Master in Gender Studies Degree from the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. Living abroad brought me even closer to my language and culture, therefore I started tutoring during my Bachelor’s Degree and turned teaching Italian my full-time job.

    In my lessons I like to work by integrating grammar, vocabulary and conversation using methods that approach the active language. I’m consistently bringing newspapers, movies, songs, books, podcasts and incorporating social media to the lessons, balancing out the informality of those instruments by providing a well-structured lesson.

    As a native speaker I like to assist the pronunciation, help to incorporate colloquial vocabulary, grant the precise usage of grammar, but also provide curiosities about culture, stereotypes and help with itineraries for future vacations in Italy.

    The teaching level will be decided by personal information about previous knowledge of Italian of the student. I strongly belive in adapting methods to the student needs and focusing both on the strengths and weaknesses to improve the learning process organically.

    I consider myself as a kind, patient, understanding, friendly and very funny person! But most importantly I love my country and most of my students are Italian descendants. Being able to bring them closer to their Italian relatives, acknowledge their history and seeing them fulfilled with every chance they have to interact in Italian with other people and obtaining their feedback is what keeps me going happy and confident!

    Feel free to contact me, submit me questions and exchange some wholesome knowledge about Italy and Italian!

    10 Years old and above

    English, Portuguese and Italian

    No requirements

    All the online supplies will be provided for you for free!

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