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    Math tutoring by PhD Math(IIT doctorate, Fulbright scholar)

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    Class Overview

    I hold a doctorate (Ph.D.) in Mathematics from the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India. I was awarded the gold medal in my postgraduation for excellent academic performance and have received many awards and fellowships, including the Fulbright Fellowship. I worked as an Assistant Professor, Mathematics at GD Goenka University, India for 2 years before moving to the US.

    I am presently tutoring students, both school and college. Presently, I have students from grade 7 and above, including students from the IB board. Successfully helped students with Algebra, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus AB/BC, Multivariable Calculus etc. along with SAT/ACT preparation.

    I understand that every student has a style of learning and I make sure I work accordingly. I usually talk about the concept and discuss 'type' problems in class. The questions are designed from modeling real-life situations and that helps in appreciating the need of learning that topic. I give out working rules for each concept which makes it easier for the students to gain confidence in that particular topic. A worksheet that has questions similar to the ones done in class is provided at the end of each study session. The worksheets help in assessing the understanding of students. The worksheets are designed not only to mimic the questions in the school curriculum but also takes into account the kind of questions the student will see in national level examinations.

    The aim is to not just teach the concept but also to give the tools to identify what concept has to be used in a particular question. Another thing I do with my students is to discuss the flowchart behind the questions for which they get the wrong solutions. These questions are crucial in identifying the gaps in understanding that topic. I work with the student, providing them hints and helping them figure out why the particular solution is wrong.

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