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    French Tutoring

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    Class Overview

    Êtes-vous prêt à apprendre le français et à améliorer votre niveau? Are you ready to learn and improve your french?
    My name is Maram, I am a native french speaker who grew up in various countries and has a deep-rooted love for learning and teaching languages.
    I offer learner based and interactive tutoring sessions, enabling the student to practice as they learn, at the pace they're most comfortable in.
    Classes will be held on Zoom or Google Meet.


    Classes will be adapted to the learner's level.

    bring your motivation! :)

    Curriculum for this class


    - The verb "to be" - Revision of possessive adjectives: my, your, her, his - Basic greetings - The use of names of countries - Expansion of lexical set: basic greetings - Expressions including countries and nationalities

    Introducing oneself

    The World Around Me

    - The use of questions and negatives with the verb "to be" - The use of determiners: this, that, those and these - The use of articles: "a" and "an" - Expansion of lexical set: "everyday objects" (singular and plural) - Expressions including basic opposite adjectives

    Referring to every day life objects

    My Friends & I

    - Singular and plural nouns - Numbers 1–100, phone numbers - The use of the verb "to be" for giving personal information - Giving personal information: name, marital status, phone number, address, age - Asking for and telling the time, prepositions used for telling the time "at," "past," "to" - Expansion of lexical set: "jobs"

    Talking about one's friends

    A Day in the Life

    - Times of the day, the 12-hour clock—a.m. and p.m. - Revision of basic verbs used to describe daily routines - The use of the present simple - The use of the first, second, and third-person singular in the present simple - Expansion of lexical set: "daily routines" - Expressions including verbs and nouns that go together, prepositions used for times of the day—in the morning, afternoon, evening/at night

    Talking about daily routines


    - Continuation of the present simple (2) - Revision of basic verbs used to describe work task - The use of negative and question forms in the present simple - The use of the first, second, and third-person plural in the present simple - The use of adverbs of frequency - Prepositions of place and movement: "to," "in," "at" - Expansion of lexical set: "daily work routines" - Expressions include asking for help and asking someone to repeat

    Describing daily routine at school

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