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    Class Overview

    My name is Nihan Kiziltug. I am a highly experienced English teacher with over 15 years of expertise in educating students in both K-12 and university classrooms. I believe that reading skills and strategies form the basis of language competency, and it is also essential for students to learn how they can be independent readers. So, I offer online reading support
    IF your child struggles with reading,
    IF your child needs support for the reading classes,
    IF you want your child to be a critical reader at an early age.
    Differentiated tutoring and materials
    Access to the online reading platform
    Student tracking system and regular parent feedback

    10 Years old and above


    Students are encouraged to attend online classes twice a week, 8 hours a month in total, at their scheduled time. This is an ongoing program, so consistency and regular attendance are really important.

    This is an online course, so students need to have a reliable internet access.

    Curriculum for this class


    HOW THE PROGRAM WORKS After the student enrolls in the course, you`ll get an email with a class code. Go to and enter the class code. Click on your child’s name. Click Ready to Start. You will arrive at your child`s dashboard. Log out until the first session. Before the first session, your child will sign in at, and wait for the teacher`s directions. WE ARE READY TO START! At the beginning of the first session, the teacher explains the program, and then the student takes a level test on Word Study and Reading. According to the level, the teacher provides a GUIDED PRACTICE material to the student. It is an interactive part where the teacher and the student work together. After the GUIDED PRACTICE, the student is assigned an INDEPENDENT PRACTICE material. This section is to identify if the student still needs more practice. If so, the teacher tutors more in the topics the student struggles with and assigns a PRACTICE TEST.

    Improving students` reading skills and support them with their English Language Arts classes at school.

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