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    Calculus and Linear Algebra Tutoring with PhD Instructor

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    Class Overview

    Let us solve together efficiently your issues with Calculus and Linear Algebra!

    I value time over everything and therefore adopt a very practical and straightforward approach.
    I believe in concise and effective teaching.

    I also believe in the value of doing rather than simply listening. I strive to explain every concept in the most concise and effective way possible, following up with a practical activity that involves the student. My extensive experience makes me able to come up immediately with exercises and examples that are tailored to the needs of the student and will help them achieve true learning.

    I have been teaching Math for many years, both as a private tutor and as a classroom instructor. I taught small classes but also large college lectures with over a hundred students at once. In all these situations I was always able to establish positive communication with the students. Understanding and addressing their individual struggles is the key to effective teaching.

    Book a class with me so that we can work together toward your personal goals!

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