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    Class Overview

    I have been using the website content management system for over twenty years called WordPress: which approx. 45% of websites are built with.

    I have communicated and met the founder Matt Mullenweg, and have designed and worked on websites for the Canadian government, the most trafficked legal website in the world, and various other smaller organizations and individual professional clients.

    I can teach you WordPress from scratch: including how to design, host, and manage the content of sites.

    I can get novices up to snuff so they can begin to take on clients.

    I have attended numerous WordCamps in New York City and Montreal.

    Contact me for more details.

    10 Years old and above


    Good internet access and a small budget to pay for web hosting.

    Curriculum for this class

    WordPress Basics: History and Capabilities

    I go over what WordPress is and how it works. I will explain how design is accomplished through themes, functionality is added through plugins, and how hosting works, from basic hosts like Blue Host and Green Geeks, to more advanced options like using DigitalOcean and Cloudron. No coding or hands on experience, just theory and tours of the interface and hosting options.

    Understand WordPress from a High Level

    Installation and Creating a Basic Site

    I will breeze with you through a lot of steps so you get your site working. We will use some of my own properties including domain names and possibly hosting so you get a minimal site up and running,

    Guiding You Through Installation and Getting a Working Site Live on the Internet

    Perfecting Your Website and Transferring Ownership Over to You

    This is the third and final 2 hour session where you take control of all aspects of your WordPress website.

    Getting Your WordPress Website Up and Running and Maintainable

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